What’s takin’ so long?

Hi Folks,

Perhaps you’ve wondered, “What’s taking Bernie so long to publish his pieces in the webstore?” Well, I’m going to tell you. It’s because I started composing decades ago with pencil, paper, piano, and without the help of a computer. When I got my first computer back in 1990-ish, it was a PC (386, Win 3.0, DOS 5, 4mb RAM) built by a guy I worked with. Yes, I even learned DOS commands, how to install memory, PCI cards, set motherboard jumpers, and upgrade chipsets. My first notation program was called Encore (which I paid for). I loved it, but it was probably the most bootlegged app in the world back then. That app got me through my Ph.D. in theory comp, but everybody stealing your app isn’t a sustainable business model! After switching to Sibelius in 2001, I gave up on Encore; but that left me with a ton of Encore files that had to be basically re-engraved.  XML 1.0, was no help, being practically useless back then. So, with no time because of my new job, those pieces gathered electronic dust.

Over 20 years later, I’m slowly re-engraving every Encore file (PhotoScore Ultimate is mostly frustrating with complex scores). It doesn’t help that my old-school composing workflow – I compose orchestra and band pieces as condensed scores – often necessitates making a “parts” version. Sibelius helps a lot, but it’s still very tedious and time-consuming work.

So, at the computer I sit, day after day, each and every summer, slowly developing myopia and gaining weight. Thank the Lord for NotePerformer which does a terrific job making decent midi recordings. I have high hopes that I’ll get all my works in the webstore before I’m pushing up daisies (I know, wishful thinking!).