Old Friends

Hi Folks,

I recently published on my webstore a couple of pieces that brought back a lot of good memories of old friends. “Think of You” for flute, oboe (originally flugelhorn), soprano, and piano was commissioned many years ago by Beth and Joel Nunes for their wedding. I met these wonderful people during my studies at COS (for non-Central Valley folks, College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA). I’ve also recently published “Bandmaster Overture” for concert band, which was commissioned by Duane Weston, the former, and much beloved, band director of COS. I attended COS for 2 years before transferring to UCLA. The folks I met at COS in marching, concert, and jazz band were absolutely wonderful. Even though we came from different regional high schools, we shared a deep joy in making music together. Over the years, I have regrettably lost touch with most of these folks. It seems that’s how life unfolds: you build friendships in certain times and places which change with the changing seasons of your life. I sure have enjoyed remembering all of these folks as I prepared these scores for publication. Many thanks, and I hope and pray that you are well and happy.